WANG Ai-yun,CAO Yu-zhu,WEI Zhong-hong,et al.Platelets promoting tumor growth and metastasis[J].Chinese Pharmacological Bulletin,2018,(08):1045-1049.[doi:10.3969/j.issn.1001-1978.2018.08.003]





Platelets promoting tumor growth and metastasis
王爱云12曹玉珠1韦忠红1张婷婷1仲金秋1陈文星1陆 茵12吴媛媛1李晓曼1
南京中医药大学 1.药学院药理系,江苏省中药药效与安全性评价重点实验室、2.江苏省中医药防治肿瘤协同创新中心,江苏 南京 210023
WANG Ai-yun12 CAO Yu-zhu1 WEI Zhong-hong1 ZHANG Ting-ting1 ZHONG Jin-qiu1 CHEN Wen-xing1 LU Yin12 WU Yuan-yuan1 LI Xiao-man1
1.Jiangsu Key Lab for Pharmacology and Safety Evaluation of Chinese Materia Medica, Dept of Pharmacology, School of Pharmacy, 2.Jiangsu Collaborative Innovation Center of Traditional Chinese Medicine Prevention and Treatment of Tumor, Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine, Nanjing 210023, China
血小板 肿瘤 肿瘤转移 免疫 血管生成 血小板活化
platelets tumor tumor metastasis immune angiogenesis platelet activation
R-05; R331.124; R730.2
血小板主要功能是通过形成血栓来抗凝和修复受损血管。近年来研究发现,血小板在肿瘤微环境中具有不可替代的作用。在肿瘤生长过程中,血小板已成为全身和局部反应的中心分子。恶性肿瘤进展过程中,血小板被肿瘤细胞“劫持”,二者在肿瘤转移的多个进程中紧密配合,促进肿瘤生长和进展。血小板促进肿瘤生长,提高肿瘤细胞侵袭潜力,促进癌细胞在血管中黏附、滞留和转移,协助肿瘤细胞免疫逃逸,促进肿瘤血管生成并稳定血管; 肿瘤细胞通过直接或间接机制释放血小板活化介质,扰乱凝血系统,诱发中性粒细胞外陷形成等方式活化血小板。因此,血小板可以作为新的肿瘤干预靶标,血小板靶向抗肿瘤策略可以用来协同化疗及手术治疗肿瘤。
Platelets play a fundamental role in blood clot formation that aims to repair the surface of the damaged vascular vessels.Recently, platelets have been highlighted by the functional importance in tumor microenvironment and become the central component during the development of systemic and local tumors.Notably, tumor cell-induced platelet activation is a trick of tumor cells to “hijack” the services of host cells, and platelet-tumor cell interactions are closely involved in the multiple process of tumor metastasis to promote tumor growth and progression.Moreover, platelets can promote the growth and invasive potential of tumor cells, arrest tumor adhesion, retention and metastasis via blood vessels, contribute to tumor immune escape, and stabilize tumor angiogenesis.Tumor cells directly or indirectly activate platelets by releasing platelet-activating mediators, disrupting the coagulation system and inducing neutrophil extracellular traps(NETs).Therefore, platelets can be targeted for tumor treatment and anti-platelet agents can be combined with chemotherapy and surgery to treat malignant tumors.


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