[1]吴华国,张 慧.靶向survivin克服肿瘤耐药的研究进展[J].中国药理学通报,2018,(09):1189-1192.[doi:10.3969/j.issn.1001-1978.2018.09.002]
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New strategy for antagonizing drug resistance: targeting survivin
吴华国1张 慧2
山东省肿瘤防治研究院1.头颈外科、2.肿瘤内科,山东 济南 250117
WU Hua-guo1 ZHANG Hui2
1.Dept of Head and Neck Surgery; 2.Dept of Medical Oncology, Shandong Cancer Hospital and Institute, Jinan 250117, China
肿瘤 化疗 多药耐药 survivin 凋亡抑制蛋白家族 靶向
tumor chemotherapy multidrug resistance survivin inhibitor of apoptosis proteins(IAP)family targeting
R-05; R341; R329.25; R730.5; R977.6
Multidrug resistance(MDR)often leads to failure of cancer chemotherapy. survivin, a member of the inhibitor of apoptosis proteins(IAP)family, is overexpressed in almost all kinds of tumor cells. Importantly, survivin has been identified as one of the most important molecules involved in the regulation of MDR. Therefore, inhibiting the activity of survivin or down-regulating the expression of survivin might be an effective strategy to overcome tumor MDR. In this article, the roles of survivin involved in the development of drug resistance and the strategies to overcome drug resistance by targeting survivin are thus reviewed.


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