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Research progress of mechanism of pre-metastatic niches formation
邹 伟1 张婷婷1曹玉珠1李晓曼1吴媛媛1陈文星12陆 茵12王爱云12
南京中医药大学1.药学院,江苏省中药药效与安全性评价重点实验室,2.江苏省中医药防治肿瘤协同创新中心,江苏 南京 210023
ZOU Wei1 ZHANG Ting-ting1 CAO Yu-zhu1 LI Xiao-man1 WU Yuan-yuan1 CHEN Wen-xing12 LU Yin12 WANG Ai-yun12
1.Jiangsu Key Lab for Pharmacology and Safety Evaluation of Chinese Materia Medica, School of Pharmacy; 2.Jiangsu Collaborative Innovation Center of Traditional Chinese Medicine(TCM)Prevention and Treatment of Tumor, Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine, Nanjing 210023, China
转移前微环境 肿瘤转移 分子机制 形成因素 演变过程 临床检测
pre-metastatic niches tumor metastatic molecular mechanisms formation factors evolution clinical detection
R-05; R329.2; R730.2; R73-37
Primary tumors create a favorable microenvironment in pre-metastatic organ for subsequent metastases, namely, pre-metastatic niche.The formation of pre-metastatic niche is a complex process involving multiple cells and cytokines, among which tumor-derived secreted factors, extracellular vesicles and bone marrow-derived cells are of vital importance.This article reviews the major components and the new mechanisms of key processes for pre-metastatic niche formation, and explores the possible clinical significance, in order to provide new ideas for the treatment of metastases by blocking the formation of pre-metastatic niche.


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